🎺Multi-Sense Trumpet From People Toy Company

Hey Dreamer Teamers!

This toy was super cute!

Multi-Sense Trumpet From People Toy Company. As your baby’s development begins to ramp up, it’s important to stimulate their senses as much as possible. That’s why The Five Senses Trumpet was designed to help stimulate your baby’s eyes, ears, mouth, fingertips and hands. Whistles, pictures, fans, beads and teething ring allow your child to awaken their senses through play.

* Two-way whistle stimulates developing oral motor skills
* Beads rattle for added sound depth
* Cute, visually intriguing pictures rotate as the whistle is blown

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This little trumpet is made of sturdy plastic. Simple, but bright and colorful! Love the fast that its a whistle! Baby A isn’t quite there yet to blow on it, but I’m sure when he does he will love it! My 4 year old was loving it though lol!


I have loved doing reviews for this company. So far I have found their products to be made very well, bright colored and Baby A seems to be attracted to each one. We are hoping to review more in the future. So be sure to check them out, all of the social platforms are listed above.

A little more about us:

So, with having  two other boys, I really didn’t buy any new toys for Baby A.. We actually wasn’t expecting another one so soon.. with that said I was in the process of getting rid of all of my baby items, so reviewing these baby toys have been a real treat for Baby A, seeing that he mostly plays with the other two boys’ toys (Which are limited to mostly Thomas the train lol)


Well thanks again Dreamers for all the support.. Until tomorrow!

Mommy B


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