TerraSect by Alpha Toys, A whole new RC experience! One of Walmart’s Top Holiday Toys of 2018.

RC cars, a classic toy.. am I right?

Well… this TerraSect is way more than just an RC!  Alpha Toys (The Alpha Group US) has created an insect like RC that can jump, tumble, room and zoom! Super easy to use, but wow.. can this thing do so much!

It is also featured as one of Walmart’s Top Holiday Toys of 2018! This TerraSect is also featured on a lot of other holiday guides!

We spent over an hour playing with the TerraSect. The boys thought it was so so awesome, they wanted to keep touching it.. ha.. boys! It literally rolls and jumps! It’s for both indoor and outdoor play. We really wanted to take it for a spin outside, but with the fall conditions (more like winter conditions but with rain ha!) we had to keep all of the fun inside.

My hubby helped me with the video for our youtube channel, and so glad he did! He has had many RC’s growing up and had so many ideas as to how to play with the TerraSect.


My hubby’s idea.. put it on his arm ha!


Look at the TerraSect’s eyes! Ahh.. so cool! It’s super sturdy too! Like heavy duty! No lie!


TerraSect from Alpha Toys is available at Walmart, Target, Amazon and other retailers were cool toys are sold! TerraSect retails for around $25 – $35 buckaroos! GREAT price?? I was so shocked when I seen how affordable it was. This is definitely going to be on our holiday guide!

I heard that Target is offering free holiday shipping with a NO minimum purchase amount! So it you don’t have Amazon Prime, that is something to definitely check out.

  • Wild transformation: from vehicle to ball, back to vehicle again with easy to use trigger button
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • 2.4 GHz control
  • Drives as vehicle mode super-fast!
  • Relentless rolling attack: TerraSect can flip itself back over and keep on going!
  • Light up eyes
  • TerraSect runs on 4xAA batteries and 3xAAA for controller (not included)

Want to see the TerraSect in action?? Yes.. I know you do! So here is our video review:


Just imagine what you can do with it outside!

That will be a whole other video that we will need to do once the sun decides to shine again!

A rolling Mommy B



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