Feeding Pet Dino McDonald’s Cheeseburger Fries Apples Coffee, Dreamworks Trolls 2016 Happy Meal

Hey Dreamers!

So, we seen quite a few channels do this, but with a Shark! lol We didn’t have one so we used a Dinosaur! My boys LOVE dinos, so we made it our own 🙂

Watch it here!

Zieke was totally into this! Even took the dino into the playhouse at McDonalds 🙂

So, for the Trolls! Super cute toy! Comes with the pencil, the Troll head, sticker, activity book and you can even scan the toy to unlock a cool game! (We haven’t tried this yet). The only thing about the pencil.. is that its a pointy pencil.. Kinda scares me with younger kids. So we will probably be putting these away for craft time 🙂

The Stickers are super colorful and cute and the activity book is awesome as well. I like seeing these types of toys. Makes kids get creative!

I love these special trips to McDonald’s! We don’t get the Happy Meals often, but “Love’n It” when we do!

Have a wonderful day Dreamers!

Mommy B