Grimlings By Fingerlings

BEWARE! Turning off the lights will make your Grimlings go from grin to grim with just one spin. These creatures also have special paws that let them hang on in different ways. Scare or be scared with the Grimlings Gigi, Scaredy Cat, Junk Yard the Dog, and Hip Hop the bunny.

You can find these awesome guys on Amazon and at Walmart for around $15.


Fingerlings has done it again! All new Skeleton Bonehead Dinos and Breakout Playset, just in time for Halloween.

We first seen the Fingerlings Dinosaurs at Sweet Suite, then again at the TTPM Holiday Showcase.. well they now have not only dinos, but a crate playset were two dinos can sit in and you flip a lever and the dinos break out.. AND they have Skeleton ones! They call these boneheads! Soo cool, and they glow in the dark, super bright too!


They ALWAYS send awesome packages, one of my favorites to receive.

In this spooky box it had a black light flashlight, awesome that it did because it charged up the dinos so they glowed really bright in the dark! They are sent an FX sound affects machine.. so so cool.. as well as a little wooden coffin with candy bones!

The breakout set retails for around $25 at Walmart or on Amazon. The boneheads can also be found at Walmart or Amazon for about $15. Now the playset comes with a dinosaur, so for the price of $25, it’s a great deal. Definitely cheaper at Walmart right now.

Amazon also offers the breakout set with two dinos for $40. You can find that here.

  • UNTAMED Skeleton Dinos AKA Boneheads: Meet Doom and Gloom, fierce and unpredictable zombie skeletons who know friends vs. foes. In Untamed mode, they rattle, roar, hiss, and chomp! In Tamed mode, the nuzzle and purr in their jingle-jangle skeletal way. Players beware, they glow in the dark – so there’s nowhere to hide!
  • Jailbreak Playset featuring Infrared T-Rex: What happens when the UNTAMED get a little too… ferocious? You give them a time-out in the UNTAMED Jailbreak Playset! This cage comes with Infrared, an exclusive T-Rex with eyes that glow and a fierce desire to escape. Pull the lever if you dare!

Check out our fun video skit we did:


These are definitely some fun toys for any dinosaur fan!

– A Dino loving Mommy B



Wild Republic Halloween Plush Toys and Masquerade Cup Cake Surprise doll!

Halloween is almost here and just in time, so are these adorable plush Halloween toys and cup cake doll!

We had cup cake dolls when I was a little girl, so this was pretty cool to see come back!

Click on the images above to view on Amazon!

Also check out our fun video here:


The huggers are way to cute and the Dragon is so colorful! Sure to be some Halloween favorites!

Halloween Huggers
The Wild Republic Huggers are an 8” soft, stuffed, lovable toy that hugs you back. Triple-protected, specially-designed snap bands provide a safe and friendly grip. Band encased in plastic, vinyl, and plush. Just spread their arms wide, give the chest a squeeze, and Huggers instantly wrap their arms around you. Wear them on your wrist, backpack, stroller, bike, or wrap around a vase. Huggers’ soft fabric and adorable designs make them a favorite, go-anywhere, hug-any-time, plush toy for kids. Halloween huggers come with glow in the dark eyes and are offered in three designs: brown bat, black cat, and spider. MSRP $7.99.  #Huggers

Cupcake Surprise – Masquerade

Head to the Masquerade Ball with the all new Masquerade edition of Cupcake Surprise Dolls! These new edition dolls come with their very own masquerade mask, gorgeous animal print gowns, and of  course their decorative cupcake bonnet. They are the perfect Cupcake Surprise mystery. Suitable for ages 3 and up. MSRP: $9.99 each. #CupcakeSurprise

Plush Dragons

Who knew dragons could be so cute? Wild Republic plush dragons are available in four colors: purple, green, rust, and teal. Each design is slightly unique. Contrasting colors on chest, flared nostrils, and holographic fabric on the inside of the wings set these mythical creatures apart. Dragons are approximately 10” in size. MSRP $9.99. #WildRepublic

– An all ready for Halloween Mommy B


Hey Dreamers!

These are super cute! I always love when these buckets come out. The stickers make them that much more cute!

Join us as the Dream Team opens up one of the 2016 McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, the Peanuts It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Halloween pails aka Halloween buckets! We have the whole peanuts gang, Snoopy and Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and everyone else!

This year is the 50th Anniversary of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! The Halloween animated tv special first aired on CBS in October 1966 and this year McDonald’s is celebrating 50 years!

Watch our video here!

I think we have watched the charlie brown movie about 50 times (probably more). My boys LOVE the new movie so when we seen that McDonald’s have these buckets, we HAD to get them. Not sure if they are big enough for actually trick or treating, but they are cute none the less!

See ya all tomorrow!

Mommy B