Way to many toys! Wait….did I actually say that?

Yes, I just said that..way to many toys, with more to come!

I find it so hard to film with 3 small boys, even though I SO love it and so do they. I am way behind in filming and need to get my schedule back in place.

I am totally embarrassed to show this, but this is real life.. and it’s messy. Looks kinda like a junk draw but more of a throw all place!


I keep saying I’m going to get it together, but with a very small space it’s so hard! Look at all of those boxes full of toys to review. Ugh and my broken iPad I tried to fix, but just made worse to were it won’t even power on now!


Ah.. and my train table. I have SO much stuff for my Thomas channel but no were to put it, so there is all is ha! I have a huge storage cubby shelf thing my sister gave me from Ikea that I will be using… well once we buy a house! I can’t fit anything else into our room right now!


So many other things I need to sort through! I have games that  were sent to us several months ago that we still haven’t played!

I did have a filming schedule each week before we left for NYC, (this worked out great btw), but gee, it takes all day just to film a few videos! I was filming every Wednesday in-between working from home. My Niece would watch Baby A, which was awesome, and then I would film for our main channel with Zieke and LJ.

Every so often my Niece would watch all three or my Mom would watch the older two so I could film for my Thomas channel. I think one day I did 7 videos in one day! It was insane, but I was trying to get all caught up before our big trip.


Oh gee, this angle is even worse.. now I definitely do not want to post this! HA!

This is why we need an extra room or a basement when we move. I dream of having a studio/filming room!

I have at least 5 companies sending me items to review, one of which I have to post by August 5th, plus a few I already have received, plus the ones from Sweet Suite, PLUS all the other ones I have had for awhile! I am more stressed now after actually typing it all out! So, I guess I need to get busy!

– A very procrastinating Mommy B



Sweet Suite Toy Swag Box!

It’s here!! I’m super excited to get this opened!

I only had the boomerang clip of the box from Facebook! I could have went into my room to get a picture of it, but the boys follow me everywhere and didn’t want to start something now! Ha!

Did I mention we are actually Home “HOME” now! Ha! Long story, but our electric was out and it took over a week to get it back on.

I didn’t realize how much work was involved once the electric goes out! My fridge was covered in mold so I had to clean and then clean some more. I did some major speed cleaning last night when we got into our house around 6pm. But at least I was able to get my laundry (mostly) caught up. (I still think little elves leave dirty laundry when we are sleeping!).

SO everything is FINALLY getting sorted out to a more “Norm” life. We just now have to go get Skye (Our dog) from my Sister In Laws and then we will be all set… well until we find a house to buy.. then that’s another adventure waiting to unfold ha!

– A very HAPPY Mommy B



Home Sweet Home!

We made it home! (Well sorta, but that’s another story!)

We decided to split the trip home in half, which is what we SHOULD have done going to NYC, but we know now for future trips!

We stopped by a park on the way back, which was fun. The boys were to tired and antsy so I told them after each couple of hours, IF they were good they would get some surprises along the way.

….Needless to say, they only got one, ha!


These Cutie Fruities are super cute! They entertained them for at least 20 mins!


We even found some fun ice creams along the way! Sponge Bob was a hit!


We had about 30 mins until we got back to Eaton, Ohio, so we decided to stop by Dorthy Lane Market for a pick me up! We LOVE this place! My sister, (who is Paleo), was able to find some food here too, which was great, it’s hard to find Paleo foods while traveling and she was famished!


Baby A was sooo happy to see us and his super soaker was a hit! He looked like a little ghost buster!

So ya.. I’m so ready for life to get back to the “Norm”. I loved being able to take a break from normal life, but I SOO missed home, family, my hubby and my baby!

I have a ton of emails to send for follow ups from the fair, my work for the resume company to get caught up on and TONS of laundry to do.

If only I could get a laundry fairy.. HA!

Til next time!

– A coffee needing Mommy B