You’re Fired – Painting Ceramics

My Mom started homeschooling our boys a few years ago and since then we try to do a few fun learning experiences every month. This month we thought it would be fun to paint some pottery! They showed the boys how to coat the ceramics. The boys got to pick out colors and a ceramic to paint.

Painting sessions were $5 per child and $8 per adult. The ceramics were quite affordable ranging from $5 and up.

Boys loved picking out their colors! They also had detailers in bottles for lines and dots.

Boys really enjoyed it! Very nice experience! Now we have to wait a whole week before we can see how they turned out!

Stay tuned! We will post how they turned out!

If you are ever in the Oxford, Ohio area make sure to stop by here! You can rent space for parties too!


#UpSideDownChallenge by Vango Toys

In the #UPSIDEDOWNCHALLENGE Game (by Vango Toys), players complete simple tasks, like writing your name, giving a high five or pouring water into a cup, all while your vision is flipped upsidedown using the game’s special goggles.

You can even make up your own challenges! This was a blast! We couldn’t stop laughing!

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Play Time 4 Kids – Fun products for kids!

Need some fun and creative activities for the kiddos? Check out @playtime4kids_ !They have a wide range of products including beach toys, role play toys, indoor + outdoor products and more. They even offer party supplies!

For more information, check them out on their website.

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