Playtime 2 Bedtime! NEW Blankets that double as a play area!

This new company: Playtime 2 Bedtime came up with this awesome product:

Playtime2Bedtime is a line of children’s blankets and duvet covers that function as a play area for kids and their different toy brands. For example, there is a shopping mall for fashion dolls like Barbie, a race track for toy cars like Hot Wheels and Matchbox, a wrestling arena for WWE toys, and a city under attack for super hero toys to save as well as a few others that are currently available and even more that are in the design phase and coming soon. The idea was to create something warm and cozy and snuggly while also creating a backdrop to imaginative play.

These look SO awesome and we hope to review some later in the near future!

Check out more about them on their website!

Prices range from $50-$100, depending on what you purchase. There are several to choose from. So creative!