Summer is nearing an end!

Ahh! I can’t believe it’s almost over! I took the boys to my parents house the other day and realized this just might be the last time we are over to swim before school starts!!

So, of course, I took some pictures 😉


Isn’t this cute!! We got this little float in our swag box from Sweet Suite! It would make a cute float for Barbie dolls! Ha.. if we had some that is… Bahaha


Zieke to small float ratio lol.. Don’t mind the boys in their underwear! We had just went swimming before that and then after they went inside to rest some they came out to “swing”.. yea… more like get wet all over again!


LOOK AT THIS FLOAT!! This also came in our swag box from Sweet Suite, it’s SO HUGE! It didn’t really fit in the pool that we have, but the boys had fun anyways!


Aww Skye.. She’s such a pretty dog!


Boys love her so much.. can’t wait until we buy our house.. We NEED a fenced in yard for her.


Can you believe she is ONLY 6 months old! She is very calm for a puppy though, well when the boys aren’t around that is!


Baby A LOVES water, not swimming so much but just playing in it.


This inflatable pool has been awesome this summer.. This thing blows up literally in mins and is super easy to take down and put back up.

We were actually in the process of taking it down, but it holds a lot of water and sprays out over the wading part and the slide.

We found a great deal on Kohl’s for it right before summer. I think we paid a little over $200 for it plus got $60 in Kohl’s cash back. It’s been the highlight of our Summer for sure. We would have used it more, but were we are at now it would be impossible to put up.


We just enjoyed some much needed water time!


Ah, this was my favorite part of course! My sister made me an iced coffee! YUM.. I live for coffee, I think most Moms do haha

It was a nice day, and just wanted to post it to remember..

– A Caffeinated Mommy B