NEW Ryan’s World Mega Mystery Treasure Chest!

This is definitely MEGA!

Oh my goodness.. at first I thought $80 was soo much for this, but really.. with everything you get, it’s a steal!


Look at everything! It was SOO much fun to unbox! What an experience!



  • The biggest Ryan’s World unboxing experience to date!
  • Filled with tons of pirate surprises and reveals
  • Chest serves as a sturdy storage case
  • Exclusively available at Target starting June 23
Kids will have the biggest Ryan’s World unboxing experience to date when they dive into Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest. The pirate themed chest itself doubles as a sturdy storage case which is always a bonus for moms. Upon opening the chest, kids will find 8 secret compartments, each containing mystery figures, Build-a-Ryan figures, gold coins, gem putty and of course, skeleton keys to unlock the surprises. Find the right key to unlock the top of the chest and reveal fun pirate gear. Underneath the first batch of surprises, kids will find even more fun with a dig and discover toy with an ultra-rare surprise, and the hero item, the ultimate mystery vehicle that even includes its own micro surprise. 3 different versions including an ultra-rare chase version!
Dimensions (Overall): 13 inches (H) x 18 inches (W) x 9 inches (D)
Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up
You can purchase this awesome set at Target for $80.00.

Ryan’s World Green Sleepover Mystery Egg!

What a fun egg! There are still surprises, but these are for your room! Kids can use the surprises inside to redecorate their rooms!



  • Packed with goodies!
  • Element of surprise
  • 6 item pack
This Ryan’s World Mystery Sleepover egg is filled with many fun items including: Super Blanky & mask, pillowcase, decals, figurine and hanger plush. The mystery is inside!
We LOVED the super blanket! It fits through your arms so you can wear the blanket around. It’s so cozy and soft.
I think it’s a great price for $40! You can find this online at

Ryan’s World: Combo Panda Airlines Set by Jada!

Ryan’s World toys are EVERY WHERE! So many companies are carrying a line of his toys.

We happened to stubble upon this set at Walmart. It’s so super cute! It comes with 6 characters as well as small accessories. Each character fits into the seats and 4 of the chairs have little tables that fold down, JUST like a real plane. So adorbs. You can open and close the plane as well.



  • Get ready to take flight with the Ryan’s World Combo Panda Airlines from Jada Toys.
  • Inspired by the hit YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview, join Ryan and his cast of characters with this Airlines playset.
  • Combo Panda’s Airplane opens up to reveal Ryan and all of his friends with all of the accessories needed for a fun flight – including friends, food and more!
  • When playtime is over, simply pack up and close the plane that doubles as a storage case.
  • The set includes six figures and 17 accessories.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $29.99
  • Available: Spring 2019


My youngest is 3 and he loved it, my other boys are 4 & 6 and enjoyed it just the same! We found ours instore at Walmart, but I can’t seem to locate them online as of yet.

– A flight loving, Mommy B


Ryan’s World Series 2 Giant Mystery Egg & New Ryan’s World Toys from the New York Toy Fair!

We found one! OMG! This time you can possible get a build-a-Ryan figurine and you get a SKY DIVING RYAN! Oh my, the skydiving Ryan was our favorite!


Aaron was super excited as you can tell!


Look at all of the fun toys! You still get putty, and a vehicle.. but now you get a different squishy, a sky diving Ryan and a Red Titan mask! How fun is this!!?


This is his thumbnail face Ha!

We JUST got back from the New York Toy Fair and seen ALL OF THE NEW RYAN TOYS coming out this year from Bonkers Toys!

Take a gander:



This set looks too cute! Looks like an egg playset! haha


A mystery figurine pack!


Mini mystery eggs series 2!! I SO CAN”T WAIT FOR THESE! I LOVE the small ones. Great price point for $10.  These all should be releasing this spring.






These eggs!! This are packs of build a ryan eggs! A piece in each egg, so you will get to build a total of 2 figures!


… and last BUT no least.. series 3 Giant Mystery Eggs! I so can’t wait to see what will be in these! I LOVE that they are all different colors.

You can now purchase the series 2 Ryan’s World Giant Blue Mystery Eggs at Walmart and Amazon for $40! I just love this line of Ryan’s World toys from Bonkers Toys.

– A toy loving, Mommy B

Tag With Ryan! Ryan ToysReview iPad game! Dream Team Gamers!

Ryan has launched a game for Apple devices.. and we had to try it out.. oh and it’s free!!

My boys love to play games on hand held devices. This is similar to other games out there, like the Tom Run and Minion Run games.

Ryan, is of course, in the game and so is Combo Panda and Gus the Gummy Gator! It’s so colorful and animated so cute! You can purchase things for the game if you really want to. Ha!

Super simple to play, my 4 and 6 year old had no trouble playing.. me on the other hand.. haha.. well..

Swipe left, right, up and down! That’s pretty much the gist of it.

I couldn’t find this game available for download on the Google Play store, so I think right now it’s only available for Apple devices.

Check out our video review:

I’m sure every kid that watches Ryan’s channel is playing this game!

– A Tagging, Mommy B

Ryan’s World Giant Gold Mystery Egg Giveaway! Win one and a chance to win a play date with Ryan ToysReview! *Giveaway Closed*

Yay! We got our hands on some!

We opened one and we are giving one away! These are super HOT right now! With these gold eggs, kids have the chance to win a play day with RYAN! HOW COOL!

For $35 at Walmart, its really a steal! You get so many surprises: a vehicle that lights up and that makes sounds, slime, putty, figurines and more! There is an official game piece inside with a code on it, you go to to enter the code to see if you win, if you don’t win, (We didn’t, but we still have a few more to open ;)) there is a second chance entry! I think they send you a code via mail? We entered our email address and physical address, so not sure?

I would have bought them all, but wanted to leave some for others! I did grab some extras because I knew others are wanting these..and note that I am NOT up selling these. Just sold them for what I paid plus shipping, so sad that all of these other people are buying them all just to turn around and sell them on Amazon for $100+!


My boys were soo excited! Zieke was really hoping for a play date with Ryan haha! I was trying to condition him before we opened it, telling him we probably wouldn’t win, but that the toys inside are a lot of fun!

Our giveaway for one has begun! It will run until the 15th. We will announce the winner via Instagram, maybe even YouTube, depending on how busy we are during that time.

Click the link below to enter:

 Ryan’s World Giant Gold Mystery Egg – Toys & A Chance To Win A Play Date With Ryan


Maybe the winner of our giveaway will win a play date with Ryan??!! Never know, right??!! Good luck!!

Giveaway is open to US residents only. Must be 18+ to enter, or have a parent/guardians permission. Winner will be chosen at random using Gleam. Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond. If winner does not respond, a new winner will be drawn. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Ryan ToysReview, Bonkers Toys or Pocket Watch.

ENTER ENTER ENTER! I just love hosting giveaways! They are so much fun!

– A golden, Mommy B

Ryan’s World Giant Golden Mystery Egg Giveaway! Win a Play Date With Ryan From Ryan ToysReview!

Yay!! We got our hands on a few of these awesome Ryan’s World Golden Eggs! We will be reviewing one next week… and GIVING THE OTHER ONE AWAY!


So watch this space! Every kid is going to have this on their wish list! Ryan toys PLUS a chance to meet him.. UM YES!!

These eggs are SO HOT right now, so HOT that Walmart has a limited quantity and are only offering these for in store purchasing.

Giveaway will start sometime next week, so keep a look out for this!


Giveaway started!

Ryan’s World Giant Gold Mystery Egg – Toys & A Chance To Win A Play Date With Ryan


– A Golden Mommy B




Ryans World Giant Golden Egg! Win A Playdate with Ryan From Ryan ToysReview! Starting Thanksgiving Night!

Any kid who watches youtube knows who Ryan is… and when they find out that they could win a playdate with him and be featured on his channel they will probably freak!

Eek! I am SUPER excited about this.. It’s like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory! Find the golden ticket and win! Ha!

Our recent trip to the TTPM Holiday Showcase featured this all new golden egg! There isn’t much information about it yet as it’s not going to officially be announced until November, but I was too excited not to share this tid bit! It will only be available at Walmart, hopefully we can preorder! These golden eggs will contain a chance to win a playdate with Ryan as well as being in a video with him that will be posted on his channel, Ryan ToysReview! How COOL is that?!

I didn’t get an actual photo of it.. but I am sure it will be floating around the internet soon enough!


This was the booth at the TTPM Holiday Showcase, look at all of the merch! Toys, Shirts.. just amazing.. I SO can not wait to get my hands on one of those golden eggs! Once I know more details, I’m sure I will be posting it here!

UPDATE!!! – Black Friday Special at Walmart! You can order Thanksgiving night! Check it out HERE!

Only at Walmart!! Now kids can be just like Ryan when they unbox their Giant GOLD Mystery Egg. No two are the same! Featuring an exclusive lights and sounds vehicle, ultra-rare figures, special slime and putty, a limited edition squishy, plush and more. What will kids find inside their epic egg?

  • Based on RyanToysReview, the most popular kids YouTube channel on the planet.
  • Giant egg is filled with surprises including an exclusive lights and sounds vehicle, ultra-rare figures, special slime and putty, a limited edition squishy, plush and more.
  • No two eggs are the same
  • Inside this specially-marked Giant GOLD Mystery Egg is your game card for a chance to win tons of cool prizes, including the GRAND PRIZE trip to meet Ryan in L.A. – courtesy of and Frontier Airlines!
  • NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Game ends 1/31/19. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., who are at least age 18 or the age of the majority. Void where prohibited. See Official Rules for Free Game Card and details at

You can find these on AMAZON currently for around $80.. about double the current price.

UPDATE: You can request a FREE GAME CARD!

TO OBTAIN FREE GAME CARD: Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Play Date With Ryan Instant Win Game Card Request, c/o Centra360, 1400 Old Country Road, Suite #306, Westbury, NY 11590. Vermont residents may omit return postage. All Game Card requests must be postmarked by January 31, 2019 and received by February 7, 2019. Limit one (1) Game Card request per envelope.


So, I waited on to order a few of these.. and.. nothing! You can not add to your cart. I called my local Walmart and they don’t even HAVE these! Someone else told me that their Walmart told them these are for in store purchase only. Such a bummer..



You can purchase these HOT golden eggs on Ebay if you can’t find them at Walmart. The prices are becoming more reasonable too! Around $60, which isn’t to bad considering the regular price being $40!

Click here to be directed to BrickSeek Checker, you enter your zip and it will let you know how many are available at different Walmarts around your area!

We found some.. and we are hosting a giveaway!

Ryan’s World Giant Gold Mystery Egg – Toys & A Chance To Win A Play Date With Ryan

– A golden Mommy B 🙂

Ryan’s World Toys & Hairdorables Collab Giveaway! Huge Toy Giveaway!


Have you heard of Tubey Toys? If not, you are totally missing out on some fun videos! I actually got to meet Tubey Toys when we were at Sweet Suite in NYC! Love this channel!

I am SO excited to say that us YouTube Mom’s are teaming up to bring you this AWESOME giveaway!

You can win some Hairdorables as well as some Ryan’s world toys!

Check it out!


Look at how fun this all looks! This giveaway just luanched today and will last a whole month.. until the 21st of September! All you have to do is click the gleam link and enter! Make sure you enter every day to increase your chances of winning! There are so many ways to enter! Many will enter but only one person will win! Check out our give away videos for closer looks at the prizes.

Enter here:

 Ryan’s World & Hairdorables Toys by Dream Team Tubey Toys Collab Give Away!

Here’s our videos of the prizes:






This is such a fun collab giveaway and we are super excited about it! Watch this space for more reviews on the toys that you can win 😉

– A very giving Mommy B

Grocery Shopping Like Ryan ToysReview

Good Morning Dreamers!

So, this video was Zieke’s pick 🙂

He wanted to be JUST like Ryan and go shopping with his little cart. This actually wasn’t planned, we happened to have to go to the store and drove up by the shopping cart bins, and low and behold.. there was a kids sized cart.. I thought Zieke was going to have a heart attach lol, he was SO excited.

Check out our shopping trip here!


Even Thomas came along for the ride, he also had a squirt gun, but didn’t want to emphasize on that too much 🙂

He did his “own” shopping, we should have had a list like Ryan because we ended up getting over 10 items vs the 3 I needed haha!

A little more about us:

Zieke is a BIG drinker vs. an eater. He loves milk and chocolate milk 🙂


He was my hardest baby, very colicky and didn’t sleep/nap, but I wouldnt change that for the world. He is growing up to be a very sweet and helpful boy. Wants to always help me clean and his teachers say he is one of the smartest kids in his class and super well behaved. So that makes me quite happy!

Keep on Dreaming Dreamers!

Mommy B