Happy Places Royal Friends – Shopkins – By Moose Toys

We seen these at Target and had to get some!

They are soo cute and were about $4 each. You get a lil pet and a pet bed! The packaging is so adorbs.


Thrift Store Finds! Disney Cars, Shopkins and Thomas and Friends!

We have had these for awhile and decided to get them all out for a fun video! We found these awhile back at our local Once Upon A Child.


I don’t think the metal box was supposed to come with it, but sometimes the store will pair things together. Surprisingly, everything was there for this shopkins Sweet Spot Food Fair set!


Here’s the back of the box. It’s an awesome way to display your shopkins! We have some and once we get organized (or shall I say IF ha) I plan to display them. The gumball machine is super cute and those balls are made of super thick plastic! I was surprised at that. I love the little lollipop stand and the candy bags, the cart is cute too and also added some storage space for a few Shopkins. We got this set for around $7 from what I can remember!

You can purchase this set online brand new for around $15. So, I thought for sure this would be more brand new, but still not a bad price for what we paid.

You can purchase one here (links are NOT affiliated):

Walmart – $15

Toy Wiz – $13.99 – Packaging is damaged on this one, but nice price! Plus, I don’t know anything about this site, so may want to research it abit before purchasing!

Ebay – $14.99

They all charge for shipping, so it does increase the price by alot!

Amazon – $15.39  – If you have Prime you can get free shipping on this one! – A total score! Reviews are good too!


This Thomas is too cute! He was $3.50! You lay him on the floor and push the driver down and then he zooms!.. Reminds me of those older baby toys, but all three boys found it entertaining!

I couldnt find to many online – I found several on Ebay for over $20. I did find one for $10!

Thomas Push Down Toy


He was in really good condition too! It says 2004 on the bottom, so he was newer than I thought, not that 2004 is new haha, that’s still 14 years old!

This will make a super nice addition to our Thomas collection, (or shall I say my collection)!


This Disney Car set! Ahh.. super cute! I love the small cars. This was around $5 I believe. It’s collapsible and you can also store a few cars.  It was a bit hard for the boys to turn but still a super cute set.

It’s from 2016 so still super new to me!

It IMG_3966

It came with several cars, not sure how many it actually is supposed to come with.

I looked this up and can’t find it!! Do any of you know? If so PLEASE let me know!

We posted this video on our Thomas channel if you want to see how it all works:



I think we are going to start doing this more! For around $15 we found some fun toys!

It seems like our new toys don’t ever get played with much after the initial excitement is gone from it being new. So buying second hand at a much lower price doesn’t seem as bad, even if they aren’t played with more than once!

– A bargain finding Mommy B

Shopkins Season 6 M&M Candy Surprise Bowl | Fun Kids Video

Hey Dreamers!

Late post today! As life seems crazier than ever..

This is super fun. We have seen many channels do this, so we had to try!

Watch us search through this bowl of candy for Shopkins!

We found this awesome 20 plus pack at Walmart and had to get them! I think I am addicted! These little pieces of smiling plastic are just too cute.

I can’t believe this is season 6, I JUST now have heard of these things. but then again I have all boys haha so maybe thats why!


Let me know how you like it! We are trying to improve everyday on our videos!

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B

👧Egg Surprise With Shopkins, Twozies & Num Noms

Hello again Dreamers!

My oh My.. I LOVE it when I get to do a video lol.. I can’t do these small items with the boys too much because they tend to fight over them.. So I decided to do them myself until they get a little older!

Egg Surprise With Shopkins, Twozies & Num Noms! Join me, Mommy B, as I open an egg surprise filled with Shopkins, Twozies and Num Noms!

Watch it here (I know you want too ;))

I have totally fallen in love with shopkins.. Num Noms are a close second, but the Twozies.. I really didn’t care to much about.. They were cute, but I don’t really think they come close to shopkins..

A little more about us:

So since we don’t have any girls.. I was kinda worried about girls straying away from our channel.. so I thought, “Hey! I’m a girl”! I can do these! So, ya, it’s been fun! We all get to do reviews together as well as sometime some on our own. (Sometimes its more peaceful doing reviews separate lol)

Well Dreamers.. I need coffee now so I can think some more. Please comment, I would LOVE to hear from you all.. some big peeps lol

Mommy B