Mad Mattr by Relevant Play! Fun Moldable Play Sand!

Mad Mattr! Eek! We seen this at Sweet Suite.. LOVE this stuff. My boys love it and I love it, we just can’t seem to be able to put it down!

It’s really like magic sand! Moldable, yet soft!


They have huge packs, brick makers, and even travel sized pods! We used cookie cutters and blunt knives for even more play fun (I used a sharp one, but not the boys!), we also found molds like a circle and a gummy bear.

This is something that is definitely great for sensory type play! All of my boys are hands on!


We were finished filming, but the boys just didn’t want to stop playing! I LOVE the pods though, you can throw it in a purse or backpack.

It is kinda messy, but does clean up really easily. So keep that in mind if you want to travel with it somewhere.


Ah.. the brick maker.. this was so fun and the bricks actually stack on each other! They are pretty simple to make, once we figured it out.. ha! The instructions are on the back of one of the pieces.

Looks like these vary in price, which ranges from around $10-$20. You can find these at most retailers.

Here’s a few:

Amazon – Pink Mad Mattr with Brick Maker

Michael’s – Large Purple Pack

Learning Express – Mad Mattr Pods (Relevant Play works We work with the entire company and their franchise stores)

More info:

S-t-r-e-t-c-h your creativity to the max with Mad Mattr – an amazing, super-soft modeling compound that molds and builds easily. Let your kid’s imagination run wild with this Mad Mattr modeling compound. It is stretchable and can be easily molded to create different shapes and structures. Kids will have hours of fun with this Doh-like compound that flows through your fingers.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • 10 oz. (283 g)
  • Reusable
  • Never dries out
  • For ages 3 and up

Watch our full review here, just in case you aren’t sold yet ;):



I love how bright the colors are too.. definitely something my boys love too!

– A very “Mad” Mommy B


Sweet Suite Toy Swag Box!

It’s here!! I’m super excited to get this opened!

I only had the boomerang clip of the box from Facebook! I could have went into my room to get a picture of it, but the boys follow me everywhere and didn’t want to start something now! Ha!

Did I mention we are actually Home “HOME” now! Ha! Long story, but our electric was out and it took over a week to get it back on.

I didn’t realize how much work was involved once the electric goes out! My fridge was covered in mold so I had to clean and then clean some more. I did some major speed cleaning last night when we got into our house around 6pm. But at least I was able to get my laundry (mostly) caught up. (I still think little elves leave dirty laundry when we are sleeping!).

SO everything is FINALLY getting sorted out to a more “Norm” life. We just now have to go get Skye (Our dog) from my Sister In Laws and then we will be all set… well until we find a house to buy.. then that’s another adventure waiting to unfold ha!

– A very HAPPY Mommy B



Sweet Suite Follow ups and Grandpa Joe’s Candy Buffet for $1!

It’s done! I was so afraid I wouldn’t follow up with this but I did! I have tons of contacts from the Sweet Suite and I followed up with everyone! YAY!


Look at all of these flyers!!


..and of of these BUSINESS CARDS! EEK! I handed out over 50 business cards! So strange to have business cards for YouTube channels, but my friend over at Tubey Toys said to get some made (which I got for free on Vista Print!) and I did!

I am already getting an overwhelming amount of responses, (just a few really, but still overwhelming as I don’t get many as it is) even a few that reached out before I did! I already have a few companies sending out products to review. So I am SUPER excited.

We also have our SWEET SUITE SWAG BOX that is supposed to be arriving TODAY! EEK! It’s 17 POUNDS! Now THAT will be a video to film! May not have all three boys open it though, it would end up like a pack of wolfs fighting for food!

It took about 30 mins to reach out to everyone, which wasnt bad at all. I was really stressing over nothing ha, but I am one that likes to get things done by a certain time.

During this time, I told the boys if they were good we would go to Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. They had they $5 candy buffet boxes for only $1 today!


My nephew went with us, so the trip was even more special! It took about 30 mins to drive there, but it was still worth it! Even Mommy B took a break from her diet to grab a box!

Alright, got to go. We still haven’t been back to our house yet due to unfornuate event, but hopefully later today we will! Which means.. more work.. but hey, at least we will be home! Ha!

– Sugar overloaded Mommy B


🎃Toms Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch | Halloween & Autumn Fall Fun!

Good Morning Dreamers!

Tom’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch | Halloween & Autumn Fall Fun! The Dream Team visit Tom’s Maze for a day of family fun! Halloween is near and there are lots of fun fall festivals. See how much fun kids have at this corn mazes and hay rides and lots of games and yummy food!

This place is so cool! I remember coming when I was a teen and now this has way more! This is a must if you are ever in Ohio during fall time!

Check this awesome corn maze out in Ohio

We got here and has so much for that we forgot to get pumpkins! lol I guess we will just have to go again! We have family coming up next week and we may just go back. I think it took us about an hour to go through the maze. We brought our stroller and some snacks. The boys totally loved it! It was a warmer day, so the snack and stroller came in handy! I’m so glad we brought it!

This place has snacks and food you can buy, it had a “turn left” only maze that was really cute. Places to take pictures, a tracker/train pumpkin ride, animals to see and I pumpkin launching cannon! We heard the cannon go off a few times but never actually got to see it up close going off. Super cool! ( Totally a guy attraction lol, my husband was all for this).

Tickets were $8.00 per person, but 5 and under were free! (We also found a $1.00 off coupon on there site, Hint..Hint). The tractor/train ride was an extra $2.00 per person (2 and under free), but I think it was totally wort it! The ride was about 10 mins long.

So this was an AWESOME family outing! Baby A missed out though, but I’m sure we will be back next year too!

Keep on Dreaming Dreamers!

Mommy B

Thomas and Friends Wooden Play Table | Motorized Thomas Train | Fun Toy Trains for Kids and Family

Good Morning Dreamers!

Thomas and Friends Wooden Play Table | Motorized Thomas Train | Fun Toy Trains for Kids and Family. Toy trains with the Dream Team! Join us as we play with the new Motorized Thomas The Train!

So we finally brought out our train table. We are still in the process of renovating but Zieke has been asking and asking for us to get this out, so we did! We were given this buy a dear friend so it means even that much more 🙂


Zieke bought his Motorized train from King Arthur’s Court Toys ( super cool store in Ohio check them out here)

Check out out fun video with the new motorized Thomas!

We need more wooden tracks, but we were able to build a small track! We had a little trouble with thomas moving around the curves. Maybe our track is a bit older and smaller? Anyways, we had fun taking him up and down the hills!

Zieke, first got just a wooden thomas, then a wooden talking thomas and now this motorized thomas!

So much fun. I can’t wait until our renovations are done and we can REALLY have some fun then!

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B


Thomas And Friends Minis Family Finger Song | Nursery Rhymes

Good Morning Dreamers!

Haha.. So my kids LOVE these types of song, but me and my sister.. not so much lol.. I thought it would be though to sing these since they do love them so much, and what better than to use THOMAS MINIS!

I love getting creative! I was unsure at first at how I would do a video everyday, now its super easy! I have like 5 already planned out, and they don’t include any expense!

Let me know how you like this video!


Comments please!!!

Til tomorrow Dreamers!

Mommy B is signing out..

🎣LET’S GO FISHING GAME Family Fun Activity For Kids Learn Colors

Morning Dreamers!

LET’S GO FISHING GAME Family Fun Activity for Kids learn colors. We found this game at King Arthurs Court Toy Store in Ohio. Check out this video too: King Arthur’s Court Toy Store Toy Hunt – #ToyHunt This game was so much fun. Super simple and easy for kids to play. You can learn your colors too!

This game was super fun! Super simple and only took one “C” battery. Some other YouTube channels have been doing this game so Zieke wanted to do the same.

You can purchase this awesome game here!

And watch us play this awesome game here!

This game teaching motor skills and colors. Zieke played this game at least 5 times that day, LJ just took out the fish and played with them lol (He even slept with them that night). This game is totally worth the $16.00.

Heading out for coffee.

Until tomorrow Dreamers!

Mommy B



🍕Kid Size Cooking How To Make Pizza Everyday With The Dream Team

Good Morning Dreamers!

This was fun! Everything was found at the dollar tree for $4.00!

Watch it here

This was a great mini cooking session with the boys! Super easy since everything was premade. Maybe you could get even more creative and make your own crust and add some veggies!


Zieke was more into this than LJ was, LJ just wanted to eat everything lol. The boys LOVE to help out so this was neat. Zieke kept saying he made us all dinner 🙂

Well Dreamers, I’m going to TN for a few days. Till next time!

Mommy B


🚂Thomas The Train Attacks Little Boy! Accidents Will Happen! Dream Team

Hello Dreamers!

This was so much fun! With the spider pranks being popular we thought we would try it with Thomas The Train instead!

Zieke LOVES Thomas more than anything so this was super fun to do. We may just do one with a spider 😉


Watch it here!

Zieke has,I think, like 3 large Thomas the Trains.. I think we might have used all three in this video lol

Let us know how you like this video!

Til next time Dreamers!

Mommy B

🐷How To Draw Peppa Pig – #PeppaPig

Good morning Dreamers!

How to draw Peppa Pig with Mommy B! Try drawing Peppa Pig yourself!

This was fun and something I found therapeutic! My boys LOVE to color so encourage your kids to draw by drawing their favorite characters.

Watch it here!


I am all about creative play, kids now a days don’t get enough of it! My boys do use technology, I have nothing against it, but using their minds to be creative is a very special thing!

So, you can watch this video with them, or skip the video and go straight to the creativity!

Heading off early to do the very same thing with my little ones!

Keep on Dreaming Dreamers!

Mommy B