Orbeez Wow World – Polar Magic Wowzer Surprise Series 3

Everyone loves Orbeez.. right??!! These take it up a notch!

You have to check these out! They are so fun. Add water to reveal your magical creature! These are coloring changing too!

You can find these on Amazon and at Walmart for right around $5.


Wowzer Orbeez Surprises by Maya Toys, add water to reveal a magical creature!

Orbeez.. that’s all you have to say for my kids to get excited!

These are super cute, and NOT messy.. well unless you spill water everywhere like i did! Ha!

We seen these at Sweet Suite and were, again, super lucky to receive some samples! Maya Toys are the ones behind everything Orbeez! They sent us four of these Wowzers along with 2 large containers FULL of grown orbeez.


So you you unscrew the top off the Wowzer and then pull of the foiled cover. Replace the cap and then there is a plastic tab on the top that you can pop off an on to add and drain the water. It really it neat how you can see right through those clear Orbeez once the water is added!

You can even take the Orbeez out and just out in water or leave everything out all together. The boys then played around for a bit and added the colored Orbeez. You couldn’t see them as well with the colored ones, but gee.. the boys had a blast playing in them! I think we filmed for like 15 mins and then they played for an hour with it all!



There are 20 in the first series. There is a “key” that you pop in at the very top and then twist it around for the creature inside to twirl around. It’s really super cute. There are rare and super rare ones!

These retail for right around $6.00 at Walmart and Kmart. For more information you can check out Maya Toys here: https://mayatoys.net/products/orbeez-wow-world-wowzer-surprise.

You can also watch our full review here:


– A very Orbeezed Mommy B