Carving Pumpkins! Family Fall Time!

So we took a trip to our local pumpkin patch and picked out some awesome pumpkins! So now its time to.. carve them!

This was our first time carving together as a family. The boys are now just old enough to make faces on the pumpkins.. of course they couldn’t really carve them, my hubby and I did that part 😉


I was too busy to get pictures during the carving, but was able to snap a few while my hubby was finishing his up!


Love things like this.. we spent the afternoon cleaning up the yard, filling up large holes in the ground (from Skye digging ha) and my hubby finished puting up our fence! YAY! Now we have an area to take the boys and Skye out so they can run around.

We bought one of those cheap $1 carving kits at Walmart.. and you know what.. it actually worked! HA! I was surprised.. of course we used a large knife to cut off the top, but the scoop and carving tool worked perfectly.

After all the carving was done we then rode over to the Dollar Tree and bought some battery operated tea lights.


They turned out really cool! This was is LJ’s.


Baby A’s and Zieke’s is towards the back with two faces ha!


And.. Daddy’s! He had to make a scary face 😉

I am now roasting the pumpkin seeds and keeping some to plant next year! I would LOVE to have a huge pumpkin patch next year.. we shall see!

– Mommy B



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