Cry Babies! Baby dolls that cry real tears!

Every girl loves baby dolls, right?! Actually, my boys love baby dolls!

I have heard that when kids play will baby dolls,  it helps them develop the nurturing factor which will help them in the future if/when they become a parent. I love seeing my boys rock and talk to a baby doll.

With these dolls, kids can learn to love and take care of a baby. The idea is really genius! Maybe they should take it up a notch and have the baby cry until you can figure it out what it needs, like a bottle or a diaper change..! Ha!

We were sent Bonnie! She is so cute with her big eyes, tiny hands and feet and her bear outfit! You can slip her hood off to expose the cap. Unscrew and add water, trying not to fill it all the way to the top. Use bottled or distilled water, they way the inside of the doll won’t get all yucky. Then screw the cap back on and turn the switch to the “on” position, ( ( located on her back side, underneath her outfit). Make sure to keep her pacifier in her mouth or she will start crying tears right after you turn her on.

She will then giggle and coo with her pacifier in, take it out and the tears start a flowing! She has audible cries too! Soo sweet and sad! lol


Isn’t she sooo cute? They definitely have a sweet look to them.

Check out our full video review from our other toy channel and even a DIY seat (well not really a DIY, just a little paint added on ha!) made from the box that Bonnie came in:

More information:

  • Bonnie really cries when you remove her pacifier
  • She will shout and cry until you replace her packing or rock her to calm her down
  • Each doll comes with an attached pacifier and a removable animal print onesie
  • Just add water for real tears!

You can find Bonnie on Amazon for right around $30, check out Bonnie here. There are also other ones available as well, check those other dolls out here. The price is really reasonable in my opinion.

I LOVE the animal outfits that they wear, makes them even more cute! These will definitely be a hot toy for Christmas!

– A baby doll loving Mommy B



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