Monster & Nerf Toddler Birthday Party!

So my son just turned 3 and he is in love with Monsters and Nerf! So we came up with a little fun theme.. Monsters.. and Nerf! lol

I found some cute monster images online and printed them out. I then hung them all over the house so he could go “monster” hunting. It was so cute. He absolutely loved it!


We had Nerf guns and a bowl full of Nerf bullets so everyone could join in on the fun 😉


My Sister made this cake of course! It was soo adrobs! My son was amazed lol! Check out my sisters facebook page to see all of her amazing creations!


Some of his presents! I LOVE these! They are so cute!


My Sister made some cupcakes for the boys to decorate. They made them into monsters! So so cute!


My Sis made homemade sprinkles for the inside… yes.. she is amazing! haha!

We kept things really cheap! We found the decorations and party plates and such at either at the Dollar Tree or Walmart. Also, there are ALL kinds of clearanced toys at Walmart now, so we spent maybe a total of $30 on all his gifts!

Can’t believe my baby is 3!



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