The Abandoned Astronaut – At Home Adventure By Adventurous Co.

We just received a transmission from Interdimensional Agent A003, her portal exploded and is stranded in a collapsing dimension: it’s our job to help!

What a fun time we had helping the abandoned astronaut escape an alternate dimension from our home! The Boys and I loved going through this puzzle solving adventure from Adventurous Co. It is a great way to keep them entertained and engaged during our time at home!

Take on your own adventure! Get yours here: Use coupon code: DREAMTEAM for 10% off! You are sure to have a blast!


Head-to-Toe Human Body Science Lab by hand2mind

Learn about the science of the human body while examining fingerprints, using a stethoscope to hear a heartbeat, making a slimy model of blood, and more. The 36-page, illustrated storybook and activity guide includes 10 STEM-based activities.

  • Ages: 5+

  • MSRP: $34.99

You can purchase this set on Amazon.

VertiPlay STEM Marble Run

How about something fun this Christmas? Like super fun.. oh and STEM TOO!

70 years ago, when Lego introduced the world’s first interlocking bricks system of play, it triggered the imagination and attention of kids all around the world. An expandable, versatile and intuitive way to play that honed mental and motor skills. Surprisingly, there has never been anything like it after that.

Which is why Oribel is so excited to introduce the VertiPlay STEM Marble Run! A first-of-its kind modular wall toy that is distinct, challenging and extra-fun. The silicone base mats stick easily to walls and vertical surfaces (no floor clutter!) in a honeycomb structure. The goal is to then arrange the various play pieces (straight ramps, curvy ramps, see-saws, and windmills) on the base so that they carry the marble (a wooden ball) down to the desired point.

With these different parts, your child can create an endless number of routes for the marble, adjusting and extending them to change the marble’s speed and efficiency. The idea is to figure out how to place the ramps on a suitable hook, angle the pieces and extend them to give the marble the right velocity, trajectory, and direction to guide it to its goal. The possibilities and challenges are endless.

Oribel’s VertiPlay Marble Run is available for purchase on and on Amazon. It is recommended for children 5 – 99! Haha love the 99..

Little Passports Science Junior Subscription – Weddell Seal

Little Passports brings discoveries to life for kids in approachable and exciting ways, with each kit taking you to a unique geographical destination. With the Weddell Seals Package, you’ll travel to Antarctica to discover the science of kinetic energy by building your own walking Weddell Seal!

Ages 5-8 – Their new, action-packed monthly packages that ignite a love for science through hands-on experiments, starting with the introductory kit: the Weddell Seals Package! Starting at $18.95 / month – Action-packed experiments bring discoveries to life in exciting ways while teaching new concepts in science, technology, engineering and math. 

This was such a fun subscription! Kids can have fun while learning! Perfect for Christmas this year!

Go here for more info!

SmART Pixelator

This is sure to keep the kiddos busy!

The smART Pixelator empowers kids to design and build 2D and 3D projects using Bluetooth connectivity, easy-to-follow lights, and smART Pixel Beads, Sequins or Pegs. Right out of the box, kids have a choice of creating 50 step-by-step designs using Pixel Beads.

A smART Pixelator app and any mobile device also let them engineer their own projects, encouraging customization and experimentation. Additional beads, sequins, pegs, and projects are available to keep the fun flowing. Ideal for kids 7 to 107 years old. 

Retails for around $60 and can be purchased and Amazon.

Visit their site for more information and products!

This was so much cool! I foresee hours of fun with the boys! This would be perfect for Christmas this year!

Clicformers Speed Wheel Set! Fun building set for kids!

So simple but yet really cool!

For age 4+ this is sure to be a favorite among kids! Love how simple they are to click together. PLUS this is a 10 in 1 set! You can build 10 different types of vehicles with the 34 pieces that are included. No batteries, not tools needed!

I was actually surprised as how simple this is to put together. It does come with two little prying tools for separating the pieces which can be really handy for kids, I didn’t really use it much, but definitely beneficial for kids.


In our video review we had the Grinch steal our toy 😉 He luckily came around and we all built it together as a team! Ha! Gee.. I’m so crazy lol

My 2, almost 3 year old, helped me out with this. He did have a little trouble snapping the pieces together, so the 4+ age recommendation is spot on.

Check out more about Clicfomers on their website.

You can purchase this set for right around $25 on Amazon.


Aaron was all over the place trying to play with this set!


He was doing his best to make his own design! ha!


I love how chunky the pieces are! Perfect for small hands.

Check out our video for a full review!

So glad we were sent this set! I would really like to get the boys a few more!

– A Clicforming, Mommy B


Professor Maxwell’s 4D Chef! Augmented reality cooking for kids!

4D AND cooking.. what will they think of next!

This takes cooking up.. a HUGE notch! With this set kids can create 18 different recipes. Some are even gluten free I must add!

Included in this set is a HUGE 42 page cook book, LOVE the size of it, it’s easy for little hands to hold and its very vibrant and fun. It comes with the 4D googles and a slue of cooking utensils. Kids will learn the science behind foods in this fun STEM set!


Immerse yourself into Professor Maxwell’s 4D Kitchen and discover the science behind food with 18 interactive recipes that come alive in augmented reality! What’s the difference between good fat and bad fat? What is Gluten? Why do apples brown? Professor Maxwell explains the wonders of food science, while teaching you many of his favorite recipes, like making your very own pizza as you learn about the power of yeast. There’s a lesson behind every bite, so put on your apron and let’s take these yummy recipes for a spin, with step by step videos that come alive in augmented and virtual reality!


Look at all you get! For a retail price of $40, it’s awesome! Look at how brightly colored everything is, that itself is inviting and makes me want to cook! Ha! You can purchase this set on Amazon.


This was Zieke’s first time really cooking up something! My sister, Tiffany from Scratch Handcrafted Patisseries, joined us for this fun video! She is a wiz in the kitchen and knows all the ins and outs of cooking!

( Psst..Check out her page, she makes some amazing confections! She also offers Gluten free and Paleo goodies too!)

This would be such a fun set as a birthday gift or a gift for Christmas!

All the recipes are kid friendly. We made the Banana pancakes. Some of the recipes do require an adult, like when we cooked the pancakes, but all the mixing and fun can be handled by the kiddos 😉 Well.. they might need help measuring and cracking eggs open.. Zieke had no clue! I could tell he loved learning though!

It was really cool to see Professor Maxwell pop up! He explains everything then it takes you to a kitchen were you can then see kids cooking everything up while the Professor explains everything step by step.

Check out more about this awesome set on their web page.

BIG Thank you to Spice Box for sending us this fun set! I really can’t wait to try out some more of these recipes!

– A 4D, Mommy B



Robo Wunderkind! A Coding & Robotic’s set for kids!

STEM Toys! These are becoming more and more popular and I for one, am super excited to see more and more of them! As a child plays with STEM sets, they are playing as well as learning. My boys love to learn, they are like little sponges, soaking up everything that they can… Good.. or bad..! Ha!

When asked to review this, I was beyond excited!


We were sent the Education Robotics Set.


Ready for some more? Education Kit is the perfect addition to any kids – or classroom. With the added distance sensor, the builds become more functional and versatile, allowing the young explorers to easily grasp complex coding concepts like triggers, routines and conditionals. Build with your hands, apply your imagination to create Robo’s next task and use your brain muscle to make it work. Robo Wunderkind is the perfect combo of STEAM and fun, created by educators, engineers and designers for the endless hours of engaging play.

There are projects that you can create that are listed in the apps guide or you can create something on your own! Oh course my son wanted to wing it and figure it all out on his own! He created a robot and named it LJ, after his brother! Ha! It was really sweet.

Each piece has its own function and the start up booklet explains what each piece does. There is so much to this! As the child gets to use this more and more the more they will experiment more and more with the pieces.

Robo Code_3

There are two apps that you can use with the Robo Wunderkind sets. This one is the Robo Code app. You can find and download these apps from Google Play or the App Store.

This app let’s you code your creation. You can code really simple things or advance! Like I said, as your child gets familiar with it, the more they will learn and experiment! We started out really simple!

You can do all kinds of things here, sounds, movement, speed.. so much! We are STILL learning new things!

The Robo Code app opens the world of programming for kids. With its child-friendly design and intuitive coding process, this app guides children in learning 21st-century skills in a fun and easy way. Together with Robo Wunderkind robotics kits, it makes coding and robotics child’s play. Designed for iOS, Android, and Windows. Requires a device with Bluetooth 4.0.

Robo Live_2

Ok, so this is the Robo Live app. SO SO cool! I would recommend starting out with this before the Robo Code app. This is super simple to use and your child can get familiar with all of the controls and how everything works.

You can reposition the controls, add or remove controls, add sounds, record, name and more!

The Robo Live App allows you to set up a remote control interface to control your robot in real time. Play with your robotic friends by using drag and drop functions on the app’s dashboard, and control your robots’ actions, such as driving, turning, making sounds, blinking, and other. Designed for iOS, Android, and Windows. Requires a device with Bluetooth 4.0.

They have new building blocks coming out soon! Like a camera and an IR Blaster and Receiver! They also offer a start kit and an upgrade kit.

Check out more about Robo Wunderkind on their website.

The Education Robotics set retails for $249… I know this may sound like a hefty price, but it is worth every penny! I am very honest when it comes to price when I review products. This set is true to the labeling of “Robotics”. I can honestly say I haven’t seen a set quite like this. It’s so advanced, yet something kids can use, play and learn with!

This is what is included in this set:

8 Blocks:

  • Main Block
  • Distance Sensor
  • 2x DC Motors
  • Servo Motor
  • RGB Light
  • Button
  • Connector Block

Other parts:

  • 3x Wheels
  • 6x Connectors
  • Wired Connector
  • 4x Lego™ adapters
  • Charging cable

The set even has a tool that you use to take off the connectors, which is soooo cool! It’s so easy and simple!.

It also had LEGO adapters so kids can build something with LEGOs on these adapters and then can connect it to their creation! I mean.. come cool is that?? It’s really like it never ends.. there is so much to this and I know I am probably going to miss mentioning something!

You can purchase these sets directly from their website or the Robotics & Starter sets can be found on Amazon as well.

Recommended age is 6+ which is spot on in my opinion. My oldest son just turned 6 and he had no problem playing and understanding this set.

– A Robotics loving, Mommy B


Holiday Guide! Dream Team’s Toys Review Top Toys for Christmas!

It’s that time again! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.. and since we have reviewed SO many awesome toys, I thought that we would put together a list of our favorites!

I will keep this updated throughout the next few weeks up until Christmas, as we have a lot more toys and games that we haven’t reviewed yet! If you click on the item listed it will take you to our review on it. We also add our video reviews into our written blog reviews so you can see a live review as well. There are links within the written reviews that will take you to a place were you can purchase these products. Some links are affiliated.

Hope this helps, enjoy!


Stocking Stuffers

Mini Boxy Girls


Ryan’s World Putty (We have opened several off these, but haven’t posted a review yet)

Treasure X

Meteor Monsters

Roblox Blind Boxes

Banana Collectibles Toys

Smashy Mashy


Lil Fairy Land Cuties

Wreck It Ralph Breaks The Internet Figurines

The Original Super Cool Slime

Zuru Toys, Smashers, 5 Surprises & Tangles


Top Toys

Boxy Girls


Ryan’s World Giant Golden Mystery Egg

Sgile Wall Climber

Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck

My Fabulous Storyteller

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

Fingerlings HUGS

Fingerlings Dinosaurs Break Out Set

LOL Bigger Surprise

Zoomer Playful Pup

Cry Babies

Max Flex RC

Rainbowcorn (No written review yet! Video is on our Toy Crazy Show Channel on YouTube)

Robo Alive T-Rex

Ready Setz

Pokemon Toys

Robo Wunderkind

Sabre Tooth Tiger Fingerling

Creative Cafe Barista Bar

Halftoys Dinosaurs Toys

Ancestral Teepee Play Set

Cozy Wings

Moosh-Moosh (We haven’t reviewed these yet, but had to mention, they are so cute!

Wave 2 Poopsie Unicorn Surprise

Scruff A Luvs by Moose Toys

Flip Bot by GeoSmart

Max Build More Zuru Blocks

Cabbage Patch Dolls & Adoptimals

Orbeez Spin & Soothe Hand Spa

New Gross Series 2 Smashers & Bus

Hexbug robotic soccer set



Not Parent Approved

Yeti, Set, Go!

Osmo Super Studios

Osmo Hot Wheels Mindracers

Digging Dino Bones


Toys for younger kids

Oddbods Buddies


Luke’s Toy Factory Trucks (We did a video review a few years ago).

Green Toys Elmo & Friends Dough Activity Set

Teddy Ruxbin & Grubby Plush Hug N Sing Talking Toys

Clicformers Speed Wheel Set



People Toy Company (We have reviewed several of their products, you can find all of the video reviews on our YouTube channel.


STEM/Creative Kits

SmART Sketcher

Magic School Bus Rides Again Science Kits

Pl-ug Build A Fort Kit

Magic Pad

Professor Maxwell’s 4D Chef Set

Little Bits Electronic Music Inventor Kit