Clicformers Speed Wheel Set! Fun building set for kids!

So simple but yet really cool!

For age 4+ this is sure to be a favorite among kids! Love how simple they are to click together. PLUS this is a 10 in 1 set! You can build 10 different types of vehicles with the 34 pieces that are included. No batteries, not tools needed!

I was actually surprised as how simple this is to put together. It does come with two little prying tools for separating the pieces which can be really handy for kids, I didn’t really use it much, but definitely beneficial for kids.


In our video review we had the Grinch steal our toy 😉 He luckily came around and we all built it together as a team! Ha! Gee.. I’m so crazy lol

My 2, almost 3 year old, helped me out with this. He did have a little trouble snapping the pieces together, so the 4+ age recommendation is spot on.

Check out more about Clicfomers on their website.

You can purchase this set for right around $25 on Amazon.


Aaron was all over the place trying to play with this set!


He was doing his best to make his own design! ha!


I love how chunky the pieces are! Perfect for small hands.

Check out our video for a full review!

So glad we were sent this set! I would really like to get the boys a few more!

– A Clicforming, Mommy B



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