Pop-Oh-Ver Stove & Kitchen Sets! Awesome Portable Pretend Play Sets.

I seen patterns for these a few years back and I am so excited to see someone making and selling these!

First of all, these are on sale right now, and the play food and pans are on sale as well. Oh My Wow.. the quality of everything is out of this world.

Super easy to assemble and the play food is made out of nice materials AND the best part.. the food is squishy! They have some weight to them, which I love, it seems to make it easier for the kids to hold onto.

Each of the accessories sets come with 12 pieces. They have a few different food sets, pots and pans and a costume. Pst.. the pans are food grade too! Wow!


See! The pretend foods are soft and squishy! I just love the overall feel of them!


These pots, pans and utensils are so cute. They are stainless steel, which is just awesome in itself, and they are the perfect size for little hands.


The counter top set is so so cute! You can put pretend food in the blender and in the toaster and you can set items on the shelf towards the top.


Love the veggies! Love the soft colors too, kind of gives it an organic feel.


This set is the same! Soft and squishy!


The stove it totally my favorite. I did, however, have a little trouble getting the flat plastic piece to go into one of the sleeves, I think the size might have been off, but I did eventually get it to fit, with a little Mom power 😉

The oven and microwave both open and close with magnetic tabs and you can place the pretend food into the clear pockets.


And this! Ahh.. so sweet! It was a bit big for my almost 3 year old, but perfect for my almost 5 year old!


Love the details of the food..


Definitely my favorite play food that I have seen. Love the squishy feel and with squishes being so popular, it take it right to the playing field!


Pot and pants are super cute as well. One of the pans are plastic, the others are stainless steal. The over mitts are so cute, I just love anything smaller than normal! Ha!


One of the sets comes with a cookie sheet too! I think there are donuts, cookies and .. maybe a cheesecake? I love cheesecake, so we will call it that!


The finished set up stove/oven/microwave! The material is a heavy type of canvas I believe, with the finishes being a felt and other materials. Super durable and easy to clean.

Here is another write up:

“If you have little ones who love helping in the kitchen, the Pop-Oh-Ver  Kitchen Deluxe Set ($29.95) is a must-get imagination playset,” begins one of two glowing review by The National Parenting Center for the cleverest line of indoor play this year. The National Parenting Center joins six other toy industry influencers who were overjoyed with Pop-Oh-Ver’s endless possibilities for imaginative play that’s put away… until next time. Rare is a review that instructs parents of a “must-get” toy!

The centerpieces of Pop-Oh-Ver’s appeal are the now-you-see-it/now-you-don’t Stove and Kitchen Counter Sets ($39.95). The National Parenting Center called them ingenious! This is from a nationwide parent advocacy organization that has seen and tested every possible toy on the market, for decades! Pop-Oh-Ver has already won eight additional industry awards for its great design this year. 

“This 12-piece toy kitchen accessory set includes all the pots and pans your little cooks will need,” continues the rave review that won a Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2018 from The National Parenting Center, “to become fabulous pretend chefs. Most of the pieces are made of sturdy stainless steel so you can wash in the sink or stick them in the top rack of the dishwasher. The kick here is that you can use all the parts with real food. Yes, they are food grade!”

A second Seal of Approval Winner went to the Pop-Oh-Ver Stove & Kitchen Counter Set. The gushing review begins, “The Pop-Oh-Ver Stove & Kitchen Counter Sets are an ingenious idea for people who do not have space for a traditional kitchen set. The set consists of one thick canvas fabric piece that fits over a flat backed chair. It is basically a slipcover for an armless chair which allows a child to play in a kitchen setting for a time and then the whole thing can be taken off, folded up and put away. It inspires and encourages role play while keeping set up and mess to a minimum.”

Pop-Oh-Ver has also received these awards this year: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, Tillywig Best Creative Fun Toy Award, Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Family Review Center Gold Award, PAL Award, Hot Diggity Award, Creative Child Product of the Year Award and Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award.

Write up by Pop Oh Ver.


Needless to say, Aaron (from the Dream Team) loved this set!

Check out more about Pop Oh Vers here.

You can Pop On Oh Ver here (see what I did there!) to check out our fun video from our Thomas channel:

You can purchase here:

Pop Oh Ver: Plush Food Set

Pop Oh Ver Kitchen Stove Set

Kangaroo Pop Oh Vers: Pretend Play Kitchen Counter Top Set


– A Pop On Oh Ver here Mommy B 😉


Ryan’s World Toys & Hairdorables Collab Giveaway! Huge Toy Giveaway!


Have you heard of Tubey Toys? If not, you are totally missing out on some fun videos! I actually got to meet Tubey Toys when we were at Sweet Suite in NYC! Love this channel!

I am SO excited to say that us YouTube Mom’s are teaming up to bring you this AWESOME giveaway!

You can win some Hairdorables as well as some Ryan’s world toys!

Check it out!


Look at how fun this all looks! This giveaway just luanched today and will last a whole month.. until the 21st of September! All you have to do is click the gleam link and enter! Make sure you enter every day to increase your chances of winning! There are so many ways to enter! Many will enter but only one person will win! Check out our give away videos for closer looks at the prizes.

Enter here:

 Ryan’s World & Hairdorables Toys by Dream Team Tubey Toys Collab Give Away!

Here’s our videos of the prizes:






This is such a fun collab giveaway and we are super excited about it! Watch this space for more reviews on the toys that you can win 😉

– A very giving Mommy B

Little Tikes Big Adventures Fire Station | The Dream Team Review

Hey Dreamers!

Today is another great day! lol 4am gets more and more.. harder lol

Anyways! On another note! We have another awesome Little Tikes review!

Little Tikes Big Adventures Fire Station with the Dream Team! We received this as a gift last year and wanted to share! We LOVE Little Tikes products! Comes with a fire truck that goes up the elevator and then spirals down the station!

Watch the review here!

Buy this awesome toy here:

Little Tikes Big Adventures Fire Station by Little Tikes

For the most part this is a great little toy. Only complaint is that the elevator is sometimes hard to get up and down. Other than that great! Even other cars can fit down it! There was a part missing I believe, or something was broken, I can’t remember, but anyways, My mom called and they sent them a whole other one! No charge. Such a super awesome company!

Little Tikes toys holdup really well! We had some toys when we were little that my kids play with now! ( That review to come!)

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B

People Toy Company | Follow Up | Toy Review

Good Morning Dreamers!

So, we did a follow up of all of the products that People Toy Company sent us! I must say they all held up really well! Some of the paint/logos were wearing off, but that is to be expected.

Watch the video here

Watch our other People reviews here

Visit there site for more amazing products!

Follow this awesome company and support them:


All in all I think Baby A likes Sammy Squid the best. He sat in a swing at the park for 30 mins and chewed on him the entire time! You can’t even really tell he has been chewed on! The least of his favorites I think was the trumpet, he does like shaking it though, and when it is blown on, it is super load… but that is my only complaint lol


Purchase these amazing toys here:

People Sammy Squid TeeTher

People Multi-sense Trumpet

People Mochi Teething Ring

People Like It Pacifier

People Push and Pull UFO

People Catch Me If You Can! Lion

I was surprised at how well the teethers held up! The Mochi one especially. Keep a look out for more People Toy Company products! We will be doing a giveaway here soon too! More details to come on Black Friday!

Thank you Dreamers!

Mommy B

🎈Zieke’s 4th Birthday Party | Giant Thomas The Train Surprise Egg | Thomas Train Cake

Good Morning Dreamers!!

Well, My Baby is 4! He has been waiting for this giant Thomas the Train surprise egg for a LONG time! We stuffed it with some Thomas toys as well as a Thomas bike! My Mom actually found the bike at a Once Upon A Child and i was so excited! I wanted to get him this exact bike for Christmas but just couldn’t. So this was just super awesome and maybe just even meant to be!

Watch this awesome party video here!

The cake was made by Scratch Patisseries, (Founded and owned by my Sister) and she totally out did her self!

Check out Scratch Patisseries here!

Let me know how you like the video!

See you all tomorrow!

Mommy B

Little Tikes 2 in 1 Snug N Secure Swing | The Dream Team Review

Hey Dreamers!

I feel like this little swing is like gold haha.. These swings are awesome. My parent have had this one for several years and it has gone through several grandkids!

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing, Blue

The straps have dried some and are hard, but it doesn’t effect the way it works. It a little harder to adjust the straps but I managed to adjust with just a little more effort than normal. These can hook onto just about every kind of swing set. Very portable as well. You can even strap it around the back so the older kids can just climb in and out.

Have any of you tried out this swing or have one? Let us know!

Dream those Dreams!

Mommy B

Thomas and Friends Take N Play Jungle Quest Toy Trains for Kids With The Dream Team

Good Saturday Dreamers!

Zieke just turned 4! Gee… time flies! He received some money from his Pappaw and chose this set! He has had his eye on this set for a while now!

You can purchase this awesome set:

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Take-n-Play Jungle Quest

Watch our review here!

Zieke loves this set! I would give it a 8 out of 10 though, just my opinion! The tracks are really close together, making it hard sometimes to get your hand in there. Also the side lifters come off fairly easy if played with to hard.

Putting it together was super simple though! I think I had it all assembled in about 10 mins.

It comes with Thomas and his load of gems.It works with the other take n plays as well, I love how they all can connect to each other. This set even has a handle and a place for thomas and his load of gems to snap into so you don’t loose them on the go! I LOVE love love that feature. I don’t think the other sets have that feature.

That’s all for today! Let me know what you think of the review!

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B

🎃Pumpkin Farm | Sizemores Farm Miamisburg, Ohio 2016 | Fun Fall Family Time!

Hello Dreamers!

Well this is a late post!

Pumpkin Farm | Sizemores Farm Miamisburg, Ohio 2016. We have been to this farm before, I must say, I LOVE it! Not just a farm, but a small store, rides and a place for the kids to play!

Check out this fun video here!

More about them: Sizemore Farm is all about family fun! Come and pick your pumpkin in our pumpkin patch…pack your own bag of fresh apples with several varieties to choose from…. let the kiddos take a Dragon Wagon Ride around the yard…sample our freshly made Kettle Corn…take a ride on the best Hay-Ride in the State of Ohio… warm or cold we sell award winning Apple Cider… take a few minutes and look around our antique barn… you never know what you will find! We are located at 7603 Upper Miamisburg Road, Miamisburg, OH 45342. We are open from September 17th to Halloween this year.

Check them out here!


Have you all been to a pumpkin patch this year? Let us know! I want to hear all about it!

Good Night Dreamers!

Mommy B


Little Tikes RC Tire Twister LT 360 Z | A Must Have For Christmas!

Hello Dreamers!

This is a really cool toy! Kinda a two in one!

Order it here!

We received this for Christmas last year, and I must say, its held up well with three boys! Seems to be made really well. We had Little Tikes products when I was little and we STILL have those toys that my boys and my sisters kids play with. They do seem to be an awesome company with very sturdy products.

Watch our review of it here!

The Little Tikes RC Tire Twister LT 360 Z can be used in the tire of out of it. I think its super easy to use, especially for little hands. It was hard for me because of the camera I had in my hand lol.

LJ is 2.5 and had no problem figuring it out. I was going to have Zieke try it out, but he was at school and since this was LJ’s toy, I thought it was best for him to review it 😉

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B

Shopkins Season 6 M&M Candy Surprise Bowl | Fun Kids Video

Hey Dreamers!

Late post today! As life seems crazier than ever..

This is super fun. We have seen many channels do this, so we had to try!

Watch us search through this bowl of candy for Shopkins!

We found this awesome 20 plus pack at Walmart and had to get them! I think I am addicted! These little pieces of smiling plastic are just too cute.

I can’t believe this is season 6, I JUST now have heard of these things. but then again I have all boys haha so maybe thats why!


Let me know how you like it! We are trying to improve everyday on our videos!

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B