People Toy Company | Follow Up | Toy Review

Good Morning Dreamers!

So, we did a follow up of all of the products that People Toy Company sent us! I must say they all held up really well! Some of the paint/logos were wearing off, but that is to be expected.

Watch the video here

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All in all I think Baby A likes Sammy Squid the best. He sat in a swing at the park for 30 mins and chewed on him the entire time! You can’t even really tell he has been chewed on! The least of his favorites I think was the trumpet, he does like shaking it though, and when it is blown on, it is super load… but that is my only complaint lol


Purchase these amazing toys here:

People Sammy Squid TeeTher

People Multi-sense Trumpet

People Mochi Teething Ring

People Like It Pacifier

People Push and Pull UFO

People Catch Me If You Can! Lion

I was surprised at how well the teethers held up! The Mochi one especially. Keep a look out for more People Toy Company products! We will be doing a giveaway here soon too! More details to come on Black Friday!

Thank you Dreamers!

Mommy B


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