Kitten Catfe By Jakks Toys

Welcome to the Kitten Catfe, where the Purrista Girls are serving up meowlicious cat-purr-cinos, bis-cat-ti and so much more! There are so many surprises to open!

This line is so super cute! There are Kittens to collect, smaller toys and plush too!

Check out the whole like on the Kitten Catfe website.

You can find some of this line of toys on Amazon!


Poopsie Cutie Tooties! Slime surprise toys!

You all know how much I LOVE Poopsie products.. that sounds so funny HA!… so we had to get our hands on some of these!


There are 5 different types of slime which comes in different colors and over 25 toy surprises to collect. I was SO impressed with the slime. Poopsie products normally don’t have that great of slime haha.. we got the marshmallow slime and the crunch slime! I am IN LOVE with the marshmallow slime! The little Poopsie pods so so cute to! I couldn’t bare to cut them open, so we used the opening at the bottom! Ha!


They are just sooo colorful and cute! Really some of the cutest toys being produced.

These are about $10 each and can be found at Walmart or on Amazon.

We are heading to the New York Toy Fair this week and we got a meeting with MGA! I am super excited!! So keep an eye on this space! We will be blogging about everything we see there!


– A Poopsied, Mommy B


FGTeev Announces New Toy Line! Bonkers Toys!

So my oldest son is OBSESSED with Funnel Vision/FGTeev/This whole family.. lol.. and we seen a sneak peak of these toys on their 10 Millions subs video:

My son FREAKED when he seen the toy was like literally shown for like half a second.. haha.. anyways.. I just seen via Facebook that… wait for it… BONKERS TOYS is going to be creating this line!!!!!!!


Check it out here!!!  <——-

Bonkers will be revealing this all new line at the NYTF! Make sure to follow this blog for updates on this toy line! We will be attending the NYTF and will be reporting everything we can!

From the half a second screen shot in the video looks like all kinds of fun toys will be featured in the FGTeev line! Figures, collectibles, plush funnel boy and more… oh and I see bacon! Bahah

They just released these pictures:

FGTeeV Blind BagsFGTeeV Giant Mystery Pack


– Super excited, Mommy B


Giveaway Time! Huge Top Toys 2019 Giveaway! *CLOSED*

So my YouTube bestie, Tubey Toys, thought we should do a HUGE top toy giveaway! So we got together some of the top toys of this year!

unnamed (2)

JUST LOOK! Oh my goodness! This prize pack is valued at over $150!

This is what is included:

Tubey Toys Review prize pack

1️⃣ LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS Series 5

1️⃣ Lollipets Zoomer Pet by Spin Master

1️⃣ Jigglydoos Series 1 Squishy 2-pack by JAKKS Pacific

1️⃣ Smashers Series 2 8-pack by ZURU

1️⃣ Aspen #SNAPSTAR Poseable Doll by YULU Toys

1️⃣ Smooshy Mushy Series 5 Sugar Fix Gumball Surprise by Redwood Ventures

1️⃣ Hatchimals Series 5 Mermal 2-pack by Spin Master

1️⃣ Pikmi Pops Bubble Drops Surprise Plush Squishy by Moose Toys

1️⃣ Party Pop-teenies Heart by Spin Master

1️⃣ Fortnite Mighty Beanz def by Moose Toys

1️⃣ Shopkins Happy Places Mermaid Tales Surprise by Moose Toys

1️⃣ Ryan’s World Surprise Slime by Bonkers Toys

1️⃣ LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master Building Metal Bear by LEGO

2️⃣ Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 2 by Breyer

Toy Crazy Show Prize Pack

1️⃣ Sparkly Critter Surprise by MGA Entertainment

1️⃣ Treasure X Dragon Single Pack by Moose Toys

1️⃣ Ryan’s World Blue Mini Egg by Bonkers Toys

1️⃣ Smooshy Mushy Baby Bestie by Redwood Ventures

1️⃣ Boxy Girls and Pet by Jay at Play

1️⃣ Cutie Mark Crew Wedding Confetti by Hasbro

Let’s kick off 2019 with an epic give away by Tubey Toys Review and The Toy Crazy Show! One winner will win one prize pack with all of the toys below—at a $150+ value!! To enter click on the link below. The more times you enter, the more it will increase your chances of winning! Enter every day! Bonus entries include sharing our post on social media, tagging friends, commenting on our videos, and more! Always use #ToyCrazyMamas Entering via gleam will automate all of your entries! 

We are both super excited about hosting this! Ends Feb 28th! Watch this space as we will be also reviewing some of the prizes listed in this giveaway!

Follow The Toy Crazy Show on Instagram & YouTube! Follow Tubey Toys on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube!

Toys 2019 Kickoff Give Away by Toy Crazy Show & Tubey Toys Review

Ryan’s World Mini Mystery Eggs! Layers of surprises!

Yes! I am so stoked for these!

I love the large ones, but these are just as fun and cost a lot less! Bonkers Toys just keeps on creating more and more fun Ryan’s World toys!


As you can tell, Aaron was stoked too! Our Walmart literally gets new stuff WAY after everyone else does! So I was surprised to see them so soon!


Look at everything inside! So genius with the layers too! I think this set for $10 is an awesome price! The figures alone are $6.

This egg is so fun! There are layers of surprises! You get either a mystery Ryan figurine, a build it Ryan figurine or a squishy Ryan! You also get tattoos, stickers, a bouncy ball and putty! Such a fun mini surprise egg from Ryan ToysReview!

These are available on Amazon and at Walmart.

We are definitely going to have to go get some more!

– A surprised, Mommy B

Smashy Mashy! Fun and grossly awesome squishes!

YES! Finally some squishes aimed at boys! Don’t get me wrong, girls love these too, I mean.. I do!

The things these companies come up with, its amazing!


They come in these awesome slime disappearing containers. Inside is a way to cool squishy and then a teenie tiny squishy as well! There are two chains so you can use these fun squishes as key chains or on a back pack. There is also a fun cross word puzzle included too and you use this little colored coder piece to see what the letters are! How fun is that? They creatures have super fun names too! There are 6 to collect in this series.


Tilt the capsule and watch the ooze disappear! Soft, nacho cheese scented, slow-rising foam. Use secret decoder to discover and play the bonus word game. These elusive creatures have escaped from the secret lab on the outskirts of Smooshyville! Each capsule comes with a mystery nacho cheese-scented, slow-rising squishy Creature and Buddy, sticker, secret decoder, and collector’s poster with bonus word search

These would make great stocking stuffers! They retail for around $10 and can be found at Walmart.

What do you all think of these? I think they are so much fun!

– A Smashy Mashy loving Mommy B

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Promo From Spin Master! New Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Toys & Movie!

Spin Master has been so good to us! I love getting things that you don’t expect. Especially something this special! It’s like a dream come true!

The all new Paw Patrol Mighty Pups movie is out along with a new line of awesome toys! The pups gain new powers to make them mighty!

We received a HUGE box with a screen at the bottom that plays the trailer to the new movie! OH EM GEE! Beyond cool!


There were all kinds of goodies inside! The new movie was inside, there was also Paw Patrol Popcorn, Paw Patrol fruit snacks, cups and capes and even some of the new toys!

We really enjoyed this box! We had a movie night and ate the popcorn and fruit snacks!

Our Skye loved this box too, she even became a mighty pup and wore a cape.. for like two seconds.. ha!


See! It’s jammed with goodies!


He LOVES dogs.. he is definitely getting into Paw Patrol since we have been getting more of it to review. He’s favorite is Rubble!


Aaron was showing our Skye the Paw Patrol Skye on the fruit snack box.. aww..

The new line of toys are really cool. They are super colorful too. We got a Rubble figurine and he glows, just like in the movie. There was also a cute Marshall plush! We also got the new Chase and his flying vehicle. It came with shooting discs and had other lunching features. From land to sky.. these pups are going to fly!!

You can find these new toys at Walmart, along with the new movie as well! Toys vary in price depending on which ones you want, the movie however, is about $15.

The movie kept my boys’ attention the whole time.. which is very rare for my boys! Ha!

– A Mighty Mommy B

Oddbods Buddies, Big Interactive Plush Toys!

These guys are so cute! Have you seen the show? So fun, love that each have a different bright color and attitude to match!

These are SOO huge! Just look at them!


We got Pogo, the blue one, and Fuse, the red one! Love those names! They totally match their personality.

When two meet… they interact with each other! How FUN! They each make their own iconic sounds as well. Throw them, huge them, squeeze them and they make all kinds of noises!

Baby A really loved wrestling with them, he would hardly let me play with them! Ha! They really are super soft. Once the other two boys got home from school they all were laying all over them and just chillin! Ha! (This was after they fought over them and wrestled once more! Boys!)

Oddbods have a super fun website and a YouTube channel, plus all kids of other toys! Check out Oddbods’ website!

These are super hard to find right now! Amazon has some but for an outrageous price! I see Pogo and Bubbles right now available on Target for $40 plus free shipping! GO.. RUN… GET THEM!


We had so much fun doing this video! BIG thanks to Oddbods for sending us these guys! I foresee many other videos with them! We just now need to get our hands on a few more!

– Mommy B


TerraSect by Alpha Toys, A whole new RC experience! One of Walmart’s Top Holiday Toys of 2018.

RC cars, a classic toy.. am I right?

Well… this TerraSect is way more than just an RC!  Alpha Toys (The Alpha Group US) has created an insect like RC that can jump, tumble, room and zoom! Super easy to use, but wow.. can this thing do so much!

It is also featured as one of Walmart’s Top Holiday Toys of 2018! This TerraSect is also featured on a lot of other holiday guides!

We spent over an hour playing with the TerraSect. The boys thought it was so so awesome, they wanted to keep touching it.. ha.. boys! It literally rolls and jumps! It’s for both indoor and outdoor play. We really wanted to take it for a spin outside, but with the fall conditions (more like winter conditions but with rain ha!) we had to keep all of the fun inside.

My hubby helped me with the video for our youtube channel, and so glad he did! He has had many RC’s growing up and had so many ideas as to how to play with the TerraSect.


My hubby’s idea.. put it on his arm ha!


Look at the TerraSect’s eyes! Ahh.. so cool! It’s super sturdy too! Like heavy duty! No lie!


TerraSect from Alpha Toys is available at Walmart, Target, Amazon and other retailers were cool toys are sold! TerraSect retails for around $25 – $35 buckaroos! GREAT price?? I was so shocked when I seen how affordable it was. This is definitely going to be on our holiday guide!

I heard that Target is offering free holiday shipping with a NO minimum purchase amount! So it you don’t have Amazon Prime, that is something to definitely check out.

  • Wild transformation: from vehicle to ball, back to vehicle again with easy to use trigger button
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • 2.4 GHz control
  • Drives as vehicle mode super-fast!
  • Relentless rolling attack: TerraSect can flip itself back over and keep on going!
  • Light up eyes
  • TerraSect runs on 4xAA batteries and 3xAAA for controller (not included)

Want to see the TerraSect in action?? Yes.. I know you do! So here is our video review:


Just imagine what you can do with it outside!

That will be a whole other video that we will need to do once the sun decides to shine again!

A rolling Mommy B


Osmo’s all new Super Studios! Disney style!

Technology..  my kids are super addicted to technology. I mean, to be honest, aren’t we all? It has it’s good side though, especially when it comes to how much you can learn with it.

Osmo know’s exactly how to use technology for the good! They just launched a new system: Super Studios.  There are three sets, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses and The Incredibles!

We received the Mickey Mouse set and, of course, the boys loved it! They played with it after we filmed as well as this morning! Such a cool learning tool on how to sketch/draw. It has easy step by step illustrations as well, so that is a plus for kids who are just learning how to sketch and draw. It’s bright and animated, bringing your drawing to life. The smiles on my boys faces are amazing when they see their drawings being animated.. I just love it.

The Osmo base is sold separately, but you can use the same base for each system that you buy. It retails for $29 on the Osmo site, they even have a base to use with your iPhone, that retails for $19. Each Super Studios set retails for $19, which in my opinion, is a steal!

Now I believe they are working on creating bases that work for other tablets as well, which is awesome, but for now, they offer these for only the iPhone and iPad.


You can purchase these items directly on their website: Osmo.

Want to see just how fun it is?.. I know you do! Ha! So check out our video review:


This would make a great Birthday or Christmas gift considering the price! Come on.. put that technology to good use! 😉

– A Sketching Mommy B