Osmo’s all new Super Studios! Disney style!

Technology..  my kids are super addicted to technology. I mean, to be honest, aren’t we all? It has it’s good side though, especially when it comes to how much you can learn with it.

Osmo know’s exactly how to use technology for the good! They just launched a new system: Super Studios.  There are three sets, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses and The Incredibles!

We received the Mickey Mouse set and, of course, the boys loved it! They played with it after we filmed as well as this morning! Such a cool learning tool on how to sketch/draw. It has easy step by step illustrations as well, so that is a plus for kids who are just learning how to sketch and draw. It’s bright and animated, bringing your drawing to life. The smiles on my boys faces are amazing when they see their drawings being animated.. I just love it.

The Osmo base is sold separately, but you can use the same base for each system that you buy. It retails for $29 on the Osmo site, they even have a base to use with your iPhone, that retails for $19. Each Super Studios set retails for $19, which in my opinion, is a steal!

Now I believe they are working on creating bases that work for other tablets as well, which is awesome, but for now, they offer these for only the iPhone and iPad.


You can purchase these items directly on their website: Osmo.

Want to see just how fun it is?.. I know you do! Ha! So check out our video review:


This would make a great Birthday or Christmas gift considering the price! Come on.. put that technology to good use! 😉

– A Sketching Mommy B


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