Pikmi Pop Bubble Drops by Moose Toys!

These things are so addictive! I can’t seem to be able to put them down!

We were lucky enough to find these at our local Target! These were the last two! We found them laying behind some other toys.


The cute wrapping is enough to want to buy them all! Ha!


This is the Parrot! It’s a RARE!


See the bubble drop??! So cute!


LJ opened up a squirrel! IT WAS A RARE TOO! Ha! Imagine that!


There is it’s bubble drop. They are so addictive, they really are ha! Stress reliever for sure!

There are over 24 to collect with some ultra rare ones as well! These retail for about $8 each, kinda pricey in my opinion, but they are really cute and the bubbles can come out of the Pikmi’s, so you can switch em out and even wash the Pikmi’s if needed.

You can purchase these online on Amazon and at other retailers. We found these at Target, but can’t seem to locate them on their website.

– A less stressed, Mommy B


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