#Snapstar – Fully Poseable Fashion Dolls by Yulu!

Check out these AMAZING #SNAPSTAR dolls from YULU! Not only are they beautifully created dolls, but they come with their own green screen along with their very own studio app that you can download for free!

With the #SNAPSTAR Studio App, you can use Augmented Reality to add clothes, makeup, hair, backgrounds, and accessories to your dolls and then you can snap a pic to share on social media! The hair also comes off so that you can easily change it or pick a different hairdo in the app! This idea is so innovative and exciting! (Right now only the backgrounds in the app are available, the other features are yet to come!)


Look at the package we received .. and this is just the outside!


Look at the inside! Ah.. I just love the marketing that went into this!


The little postcard and letter was such a cute touch!


HERE THEY ARE! Here’s 3 of the 6 dolls available!


There are even fashion packs!


We haven’t opened up the fashion packs, but plan to do so in another video review.


I just love the innovation on these!


Here they are! We got (from left to right) Dawn, Lola & Yuki!

They are some of the prettiest dolls I have EVER seen. They are fully posable and the have wigs! You can switch hairs or take them off so you can do makeup and different hair styles in the studio app! (Note: this feature is yet to be released)

The app is available on the Google Play Store & Apple Store.


Here’s a few things we created with the green screen and app! How fun, right?!

These dolls can be found exclusively at Walmart for right around $15! Such a great price for these dolls!

I can’t wait to get the rest of the dolls and to try out the app once the other features are added!

– #Snapstar Mommy B



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